The iON Goggle Strap

The iON Goggle Strap

Not everyone wears a helmet while skiing or snowboarding but may still want to wear a head cam. You can now use the iON Head strap or Goggle mount.

Using the Head strap is quite straightforward but here we demonstrate how you can use the mount with your goggles. Firstly remove forehead strap from the mount by squeezing the strap and slipping it through the slots in the plastic clips.


You should now have the two plastic clips joined by the overhead strap. The over head strap should remain intact as it helps to spread the weight of the camera and keep it stable while filming. Next grab you goggles.



Feed your goggle strap in to the plastic clips and adjust the strap lengths to fit your head.

Attach your iON Camera, disappear in to the backcountry and film some secret powder shredding!

iON Goggle Strap


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